Drew Estates Liga Privada No 9

by Boss on July 16, 2010

Grown in some of the finest fields in Esteli Nicaragua the Liga Privada is one of the best tasting and all around best constructed cigars on the market, it is truly my number one favorite cigar of all time. The Liga privada was made solely for the new president of Drew estates, Steve Saka. In an article in cigar aficionado Steve said he enjoyed the tastes of the acids but he wanted a more traditional cigar to smoke for himself. So the Liga saga began. Jonathan drew and company started trying to select a blend of tobacco that was like no other. They went through 13 different blends before Steve found his favorite.

In Spanish, Liga Privada means private blend, Steve chose the 9th blend to be his favorite dubbing the name Liga Pravada No 9. Drew Estates simply used an acid label, flipped it over to the plain white side, and hand wrote Liga Privada no 9. Well a few months later they decided to do a little give away at an event they held, from an inside source I know they gave away about three hundred of these “no named” cigars, and within weeks they were receiving emails from hundreds of people demanding a product release. Needless to say They are now mass produced and on sale all over the world. Now on to the Smoke!! As soon as you light the No 9 you will fall in love, I like to call this cigar “the cigar of champions” its by far the local favorite here on the island.

Starts off with a perfect taste of rich oak and cocoa followed by a nutty, smooth creamy taste that you’ll never want to end. The aroma brings heaven to YOU, ever since we started carrying this product we have had a hard time selling any other cigar. With a crisp white ash and a PERFECT draw no cigar compares to this one. Liga Privada launched a newer blend called the Stalk cut habano, so stay tuned to us here at cigar boss to see what we think about that one, my guess is it will be just as good if not better! On a final note we’re urging you to try one but beware it may be the last cigar you ever want to buy, at a reasonable $12.00 a stick you just cant beat it. I smoke the torpedo which is 152mm by 52 ring gauge, so hurry up and get to your local shop and pick one up before they sell out because I’m sure there selling right now as I type. Have a great cigar smoking day and make sure you come back and check us out here at Cigar Boss for the latest updates on all the best smokes!!!

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Padron 1926 Serie No 1

by Boss on June 23, 2010

Just going to start this review by saying The Padron cigars are truly one of a kind, they have exceptionally great taste the you never want to end. Each Padron Serie 1926 No 1 is individually numbered and contains pure Nicaraguan tobacco. Padron brought this cigar to the market to commemorate the year of Jose Padron’s birth. This dark maduro box-pressed cigar is very tightly rolled with minimal veins, few bumps and has a slight cap dis-figuration.

Prior to lighting I noticed a very rich aroma of roasted coffee followed by a bit of chocolate. When I lit the stogy those flavors intensified with another taste of spice and nut. At the second third I started to taste a very rich cocoa taste again, still with the rich coffee taste, just more cocoa then before. The final third brought on a bit more spice with a mellow cereal taste. All in all one of the most complex cigars I’ve smoked by far. Changing numerous times throughout the 80 minutes it took to smoke.

The cigar is extremely hard which made me think it was going to give a tough draw, most of the time that would be the case, but the Padron 26 actually had an exceptionally smooth draw. The burn was fantastic, although it had a slightly gray ash it was constructed very well which made the ash smooth and round and only dropped after about 3 inches. Being that this cigar is 7 inches by 54 ring gauge this cigar will obviously ash up more often then a robusto size cigar, surprisingly the ash only dropped three times during the smoke duration. I would recommend this cigar to a medium to full bodied smoker or anyone who enjoys the finest of the finest premium tobacco.

DRINK: Coffee
MSRP: $12.00


La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial No. 3

by Boss on June 9, 2010

Brought to us by the Don Pepin-Ashton collaboration, the Edicion Especial Number 3 is the latest blend of tobacco from Aroma De Cuba. Made in Don Pepins Tabacalera Cubana factory in Esteli Nicaragua, the Aroma De Cuba sports its original band, with minor changes from the older blend that was discontinued years ago.

This cigar is comprised of Nicaraguan filler and binder and has a beautiful mandarin shade Ecuadorian wrapper. I smoked three of the 6×50 Toro for this review, with the initial lighting I found tons of cedar taste followed by a rich but mellow ,dark coffee undertone. A bit of leather and butter coat my pallet around the beginning of the second third, which really show a lot of this cigars complexity. The final third brings out more of a spicy taste, hints of pepper and dry oak. I would say this cigar is full bodied and full of flavor.

The ash is a little irritating, the first build up was fine, white with a few gray spots and pretty smooth, but after it fell the first time it never quite was the same. It started to get very flaky and black and was falling every 4-5 puffs. On the other hand I did enjoy the draw , it was a little tight but still open enough to where I didn’t have to struggle, sometimes that’s good for a cigar, in this case if I would have got anymore smoke then I did I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it because of the amount of spice the final third brought to my pallet. I would NOT recommend this cigar to a novice smoker.

Drink suggestion : Either a cold ice tea or water, definitely not something strong like beer or liquor.

MSRP: Between $8-$8.50


Perdomo Habano Corojo Review

by Boss on May 23, 2010

The Perdomo Habano robusto is a 5 inch cigar and has a 52 ring gauge. Grown in the largest tobacco plant in Nicaragua this cigar comes to us with great flavor and great presentation. This cigar is pure Nicaraguan with tobacco from the Condega and Jalapa regions. The cigar was produced from Cuban seed and released in early 2007.

This cigar started out perfect, it had a great even burn the whole way through, the ash was a bit flakey and gray but stayed intact for most of the smoke. The draw was easy, thick cloudy smoke filled my mouth with every puff. The Corojo wrapper normally brings a ton of taste to whatever cigar its on but because of the soil the Perdomo Habano is grown in it has more taste than you can imagine.

The first third is extremely spicy, pretty much all you can taste is the fine Corojo wrapper, towards the second third the spice started to die out a little bit, enough so I noticed, but it was still very peppery and full. The final third was much better, a mild sweetness filled my pallet followed by some nutty earthiness. Overall this was a good cigar but I would only recommend it to a full bodied smoker, I think the Corojo taste might just be a little to much for the novice mild smokers.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Cigar Boss… If there are any reviews you would like to see before you go out and buy a smoke just leave a comment below or email us!

MSRP: $5.50

DRINK: Cognac


Joyo De Nicaragua Antano Gran Consul

by Boss on May 14, 2010

The Joyo De Nicaragua was the very first cigar to ever come from Nicaragua. It was introduced in 1970 but because of corruption in politics and the result of communism, the company was brought to a halt in the mid 70s. Well now its back and better then ever, Drew Estates brought it back in honor of one of the most sought after Nicaraguan cigars in the history of tobacco.

The smoke is rich with hints of pepper and nutmeg just about all the way through. It starts out very full with tons of power and pretty much maintains the same consistency during the whole smoke. Around the final inch or so it packs a punch so hard it literally takes you off your feet. Even for me, a full bodied cigar smoker, it was to much. I definitely enjoyed the taste and burn, it just really kicked my ass. I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t eaten much today but it just really wore me out. It had a creamy white ash that stayed connected about half way down. The draw was good pretty much all the way through although I did find a rough patch during the final third. The cigar also seemed to go out a few times and that’s never a good sign, but all in all it was a good cigar. I would only recommend it to a full bodied smoker.

The Gran Consul is 41/2 inches by 52 ring gauge and has an MSRP of just $5.00.


Drew Estates Tabak Especial Negra

May 13, 2010

The Tabak negra is the other edition to the Tabak line. The wrapper is a Maduro, it is very dark and smooth with a few veins but nothing to worry about. The Tabak cigars have a tapered foot, reason being, it gives it a “cool” look and a different first draw then most cigars. The […]

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Gurkha Black Dragon Robusto

May 9, 2010

Introduced in 2007, this five year aged Gurkha consists of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobacco. The Dragons I’ve smoked have all been very tightly rolled and constructed fairly decent. The Black Dragon comes in three different sizes, a Robusto which is 4 and 1/2 by 52 gauge, the Grand Especial which is 7 by 56, […]

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Perdomo 2

May 8, 2010

This review is on the Perdomo Square Maduro. The first thing I noticed about this cigar was the very unusual colors Perdomo chose to put on the bands. The Maduro had a bright yellow band about an inch in size with Perdomo2 written on the front and the Natural had a darker red band. Now […]

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Drew Estates Acid 5

May 7, 2010

Acid cigars are probably the most unique cigars on the market. Premium long filler tobacco infused with over 140 different herbs, oils, and botanicals. This cigar was named the Acid 5 because it was aged five years and released on Acids fifth year anniversary. The Acid 5 is by far my favorite in the line. […]

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CAO La Traviata Divino

May 6, 2010

I’m going to start off this review by saying CAO destroyed their line of cigars by putting the La Traviata on the shelves. Not because this cigar is horrible but because it is so good! I work in a cigar shop so I can tell you first hand that we have probably one of the […]

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Rocky Patel Edge Toro Maduro

May 5, 2010

Brought to you in a unique, old wooden style box the Rocky Patel Edge may be one of the most powerful full bodied cigars I have ever smoked. This 6 inch by 52 ring gauge cigar is strongly wrapped with a dark maduro leaf. In the first two I smoked I found a few large […]

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